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With Census, Radar can sync locations stored in a data warehouse as geofences in Radar, powered by the geofence upsert API.

Census supports syncing data from all major data warehouses, including Amazon Athena and Redshift, Snowflake, Azure Synapse, and Google BigQuery.


First, in Census, add Radar as a service. Copy and paste your secret key from the Radar dashboard. When naming the service, include a reference for the environment, test or live, that corresponds to the API key being used.

Create geofence services

Second, create a data model and connect your data warehouse as a source.

Create a data model

Third, create a sync and map properties from the data model to Radar geofence attributes like description, tag, externalId, type, and radius.

Map properties from the data model

Finally, schedule your sync.

Schedule a sync

For more information, visit the Census docs.