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Drive engagement with contextual campaigns

Modernize your marketing campaigns and boost conversions with Radar’s industry-leading location platform.

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Get in front of customers when and where it matters most
The average smartphone user receives 46 push notifications per day. Break through the noise and improve conversions with Radar’s Geofences, Places, and Regions features.
One location platform
Use Radar across multiple location use cases.
Integrates seamlessly
Easily integrate with the rest of your marketing stack.
Leading accuracy
Confidently deploy Radar, even for complex use cases.
Improve engagement with location-triggered messaging
Use first-party, privacy-friendly data to segment and target your audience with compelling and effective marketing messages.
Geofence entry and exit
Radar’s precise geofences enable you to send push notifications when a customer enters or leaves a specific geofence, such as your store.
Scale campaigns with POI data
Radar gives you the data you need to run campaigns to customers who are at specific places, airports, malls, and competitors without needing to update and maintain geofences.
Run regional campaigns
Have a promotion targeted to customers in a specific region? Radar makes it easy to target customers by country, state, DMA, or postal code.
Easy to implement, powerful results
Simply create geofences, integrate the SDK, and enable integrations to send push notifications or SMS.
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“Radar plays a vital role in driving bookings by enabling the brand to help deliver frictionless experiences and engage with clients at the right moment, without the cost or complexity that typically comes along with building location-based features.

We take clients’ privacy seriously, and Radar provides the brand with the tools needed to power personalized experiences that make clients’ lives easier in a privacy-friendly way.”

Breken Randall
Vice President of Marketing
Do more with your data
Enrich the rest of your marketing tech stack with location to better understand your customers and increase campaign engagement.
Add layer of location to analytics
Better understand behavior and segment your audience with location data to build better campaigns.
Integrations to supercharge your stack
We’ve built integrations with the tools you already rely on, including marketing automation, CDPs, push notifications, analytics, and more.
Send location-triggered and targeted messages
Send location-triggered and targeted messages
Send location-triggered and targeted messages
Send personalizezd B2C text messages
Send location-triggered messages
Forward location events and user context
Forward location events and user context
Attribute offline actions to online campaigns
Ibotta increased open rates 10x by using Radar for location-based marketing.
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RetailMeNot increased visits by 19% to retail partners.

Manage your location data responsibly.