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Radar's trip tracking solution can help you meet customer expectations.

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Reduce customer friction

Eliminate customer confusion and long wait times.

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Execute mobile order ahead without additional staff.

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Improve customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Solve common mobile order-ahead challenges with location

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The Challenge

Initial curbside and order-ahead solutions fall short of customer expectations and lead to store inefficiencies.

Customers are often forced to

  • search for signage
  • wait in a crowded parking lot
  • call the store to let them know they've arrived

Meanwhile, without arrival information, staff

  • has to blindly manage order creation with other tasks
  • does not know when a customer is running late or early
  • ends up searching aimlessly for customers in the parking lot

The Solution

Radar’s trip tracking solution alleviates the headaches of order-ahead by offering arrival notifications and optional real-time ETAs throughout a customer’s trip. This empowers brands to send timely messages to customers with instructions and updates throughout their trip and inform staff as customers approach and arrive.

Trip tracking from Radar helps you understand customer arrival times to execute a seamless mobile order-ahead experience

how it works

Without Location

Staff not notified when customers are early or running late

Long customer wait times

Management can't analyze trips to make data-driven improvements

With Location

Staff notified when customers approach & arrive with live ETAs

Wait times minimized

Management can assess training needs by analyzing trip data

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