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Slide by Raise powers search and in-store experiences

Slide uses geo APIs and geofencing from Radar to drive store visits, engagement, and revenue through personalized location-based experiences in its new instant payments app.
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The challenge

Raise is a leading mobile payments company that enables consumers to save money and earn rewards on every purchase. In pursuit of its mission to provide better savings opportunities for shoppers, Raise launched the Slide mobile app, the most rewarding, contactless way to pay for everyday purchases in-store or online. Slide offers 4% cash back instantly for in-store and online purchases at over 150 partner locations.

Slide makes it easy for users to identify nearby partner locations, receive cash back reminders as they shop, and identify the correct barcode when they reach checkout. Slide chose Radar as the comprehensive location infrastructure solution for their mobile payments app.

The solution

Radar provided Slide with the robust geofencing capabilities and flexible geo APIs required to power all of the app’s location-based experiences easily and cost-effectively.

  • Places for out-of-the-box geofences for all of Slide’s partner locations
  • Search API querying Radar’s Places database to power nearby partner feed
  • Developer-friendly SDKs & documentation
  • Integrations with existing tools including Amplitude, Airship, Branch, and Segment

With Places, Radar's curated database of thousands of chains and categories, Slide is able to deliver a seamless shopping experience by surfacing the correct barcode when users open the app in-store.

And with Radar's Search API, Slide users can find nearby partner locations ahead of their next shopping trip. The Search API allows Slide to easily search Radar Places and identify partner locations within a configured radius of a location.

The results

By integrating Radar for Geofencing, Slide saved over 1,000 hours of engineering time that would have been dedicated to:

  • Building location tracking functionality for both iOS and Android devices
  • Creating and maintaining a POI database that contains all locations of Slide’s 150+ partners
  • Developing the backend infrastructure needed to process location data
  • Managing event data and creating custom webhooks to send events to Segment and Amplitude

Slide realized additional time and cost savings associated with choosing an all-in-one solution. The Radar platform was a one-stop shop for all of Slide’s location needs, including geofencing and Geo APIs powering Search. Using Radar eliminated the need to manage multiple vendors and integrations.

The Slide team was able to design, build, test, and launch a complete location-based product offering in just one month. Radar enabled Slide to accelerate time to value and drive store visits, engagement, and revenue quickly and cost-effectively.

Radar's geofencing and APIs have delivered tremendous value in time savings and user engagement. Places provides us with an accurate understanding of all of our 100,000+ partner locations and cut our overhead to zero to gather and maintain this information. The SDK integration was easy to implement, Radar's APIs were flexible to meet our unique needs, and Radar’s data integrations to our CDP and push provider all enabled us to quickly develop and scale several location-powered features.
John Egan, Product Manager

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