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HappyFresh powers real-time delivery updates using Trips

HappyFresh – a grocery delivery service across Southeast Asia – uses Radar’s Trips feature to create more seamless delivery experiences by providing customers with real-time delivery ETAs.
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trips from October 2021 to July 2022

The challenge

HappyFresh, the fastest-growing online grocery delivery network across Southeast Asia, has seen exponential growth since being founded in 2015. With delivery options for over 100,000 products across 30+ supermarkets and a network of hundreds of shoppers and delivery drivers, HappyFresh was delivering thousands of orders a day across 3 countries in 2021.

HappyFresh was growing exponentially, but there were challenges. For instance, customers were unsure at which point their order would arrive within their selected time slot since drivers often combine multiple orders in the same time slot. The customers’ inability to track their delivery results in them missing deliveries and enduring long order wait times without updates. Not only was this cumbersome for customers, but it was also a driver of high call volume to the HappyFresh customer support line.

As HappyFresh worked to solve this problem, they realized that location technology could help create a more satisfying experience for customers by providing accurate delivery ETAs.

HappyFresh explored options for location infrastructure – including additional logistics vendors and building their own location infrastructure with their in-house development team – but realized the cost and time to implement would be too prohibitive. The team set out to find a trusted location provider with flexible options that would integrate with their existing infrastructure and allow for customization as their needs grew.

The solution

In 2021, HappyFresh made the decision to partner with Radar to power delivery trip tracking and real-time delivery ETAs. Radar’s SDK is integrated seamlessly into the HappyFresh app, powering accurate and reliable notifications around arrival time. Additionally, Radar integrates with other tools in HappyFresh’s tech stack, enabling HappyFresh to unlock additional location-based solutions.

Since implementing Radar, HappyFresh has completed over 700,000 deliveries with timely arrival updates from Radar’s Trips feature. Radar was easily able to support this scale and these deliveries generated over 55M custom events like store entries and exits, arrival at delivery dropoff location, and beginning a new trip to the next customer in line.

Moving forward, HappyFresh has additional opportunities to drive results with location. Radar’s integrations with other technology solutions present in the HappyFresh tech stack provide a wide variety of opportunities for improving app engagement, driving basket sizes, increasing customer loyalty, and more.

We needed a solution that would both improve the customer experience and provide analytics around driver location and delivery times for future improvements. With Radar, we have been able to significantly improve our customers’ experience during delivery using Trips.
Fajar Budiprasetyo, Co-Founder and CTO, HappyFresh

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