What is the best Rakuten Ready alternative?

Learn why digital and IT leaders choose Radar over Rakuten Ready.

Radar is the leading geofencing platform, with a focus on privacy, scalability, accuracy, developer experience, and support. We help enterprises like American Eagle Outfitters, Peet's Coffee, and T-Mobile increase engagement and improve operations, powering impactful location-based experiences for over 100 million end users.

Radar is easy to integrate, with thousands of developers using our open-source SDK and self-service offering. We offer dozens of turnkey integrations with tools like Airship, Braze, mParticle, Segment, Branch, Amplitude, Salesforce, and Olo. Radar is also enterprise-ready, with SOC 2 type II certification, GDPR and CCPA compliance, custom data retention, advanced access controls, and more.

Feature Radar Rakuten Ready
Arrival dashboard Yes Yes
Live ETAs Yes Yes
Flexible trip metadata Yes No
Self-serve signup and testing Yes No
GDPR and CCPA compliance Yes Yes
Custom data retention Yes No
Advanced access controls, audit logs, and SSO Yes No
Developer adoption Over 10,000 developer signups No self-serve signup
Open-source SDKs for iOS, Android, React Native, and more Yes No
Flexible tracking options Yes No
Location opt-in and engagement stats Yes No
Out-of-the-box place data Yes No
Growth stack integrations (Braze, Airship, mParticle, Salesforce, etc.) Yes No
Preferred partner for growth stack platforms and agencies Yes No
Olo integration Yes No
Search, geocoding, and routing APIs Yes No

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What our customers are saying

We needed a geofencing partner that could power both best-in-class in-store and curbside functionality, and Radar was the obvious choice given their privacy and developer-first approach.

Susan Eshleman, VP of Product, American Eagle Outfitters

The onboarding support provided by Radar was best-in-class. They were not only very helpful in advising our team on how to integrate Radar into our legacy stack, but also thoughtful about how we can see increased value in our future, cloud-based environment.

Patrick O’Brien, Product Manager, Cars.com